“Over the past 6 years, seeing The Real Sun work in a variety of contexts and with a broad range of youth, I am confident saying that her work is not simply unique in its approach and its power, but important for the incredible moving and positive change it brings to students lives and sense of themselves. After my 10 years as a classroom teacher, and 10 years before that doing popular and experimental education with youth with complex needs, I can honestly say that Sun’s work is some of the most powerfully transformative I’ve seen.”

James Campbell, Teacher, University of Toronto Schools

“The Real Sun has the rare ability to inspire students through her own performances and then creatively and confidently guide them as they successfully write their own spoken word pieces. Her strong approach to leading a spoken word workshop builds an inspiring environment for learners to bring themselves and their stories to the creative and collaborative process.”

John Scully, Learning Through The Arts Youth Empowerment Program
Program Coordinator, The Royal Conservatory of Music

“This unit helped us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and how to relate it to the bigger picture – which is an important aspect of being a socially responsible global citizen.”

“The best part was the fact that I could explore the parts of me and my history that I would otherwise would never have had the strength or courage to explore.”

“I think it helped me to realize an aspect of my personality that I never knew about and it helped me cherish that part of myself.”

“I can see things in a new light and no longer try to deny the problems in the world.”

University Of Toronto Schools Students,
Anonymous Evaluation Feedback
after an 8 session Unit with The Real Sun

“Her performances of songs and spoken word poetry rang with a tone of pain and hardship from her life, and the difficulties she had to overcome with her family and personal experiences, yet were filled with inspiration…
What she stood the tallest for was being your own self. Not conforming the world around you, or doing something strictly because it’s what you were told is best. She believes that every human is their own person, and how they choose to live their lives is left up to them… Her words resonated through everyone’s ears, and though never once did she shout or scream, her message couldn’t have been any louder. Peace, love and originality among people.”

Camren R. Cole-Balfour, Student,
Limestone District School Board

“The Real Sun’s music and poetry is incredibly inspiring and thought provoking. Her positive message and method of delivery is powerful. She has a way of filling up a room with energy. I believe that her talent is one that should be nurtured and supported. She has much potential and is a very professional artist. She is responsible, takes initiative and always follows through on her commitments. Overall, sun is a very passionate, strong leader and a positive artist and role model for young people.”

Shahina Sayani, Director, ArtReach Toronto

“Her holistic approach to learning stands out, as she always ensures that every voice in the room is heard. I believe it is so important for young people to be exposed to artists like her – artists who are working hard to ensure their work makes a positive difference in the world. Focused, independent, driven, The Real Sun teaches young people that nothing can come in the way of their dreams if they work hard… “Horizon” is a landmark body of work with many powerful messages.”

Ankita Kumar-Ratta, High School Program Manager
Canadian Stage Theatre Company


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