The Real Sun, channels her passion, drive, talent, and purpose in life into Art, Healing, Social Justice, and Education.  These four things are the pillars and foundation of everything The Real Sun does, is, and creates.

Social Justice is at the core of The Real Sun’s approach to Art, Education and Healing. She views each one of these elements as necessary components for creating positive and sustainable social change.

The Real Sun was originally born in Anyang, Korea, and is now a proud resident of Jane-Finch, Toronto, by way of Peterborough and Kingston (Canada).

as an ARTIST

The Real Sun is an artist of purpose. Her voice is a channel for messages with deep insight into the state of humanity, and her own soul. The Real Sun’s latest body of work, ‘Horizon’ is a sacred journey of healing through Acoustic Soul music and Spoken Word Poetry. Her songs are affirmations for self-love, letting go, growth, and resilience. They reverberate from a deep place of truth within.

As a singer, songwriter and performer, her voice dances in melodies that captures a unique tone of profound depth and loving light; accompanied by her own expressions of piano, guitar, or drum.  The Real Sun’s delivery leaves an impact that resonates to the soul.

The Real Sun stands for truth, and evolution of consciousness, connecting with our hearts, coming into balance within ourselves and with one another, stepping into our true purpose; awakening. She is a carrier of an important message that humanity needs to hear, and her music is a conduit for transformation.

The Real Sun has performed internationally on stages across the US, Japan, Korea, Peru, Singapore, and Egypt.


The Real Sun teaches in community settings as well as in schools, and has taught youth from a wide spectrum of ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds for the past 8 years.  From community centers in Jane-Finch to private schools in downtown Toronto to Cairo, Egypt, and providing Professional Development  Training for Artist Educators and Teachers in the public school system, The Real Sun’s approach in the classroom is centered around inclusivity, openness, and honesty. By centering on issues related to social justice, The Real Sun encourages learners to explore and honour their own truths, and give voice to untold stories, through art, poetry,  music, and the creative process. The Real Sun has delivered workshops and keynote addresses at several conferences centered on youth leadership and empowerment. She has also worked as an Artist Educator with several organizations such as Lost Lyrics, The Royal Conservatory of Music, Arts for Children and Youth, Canadian Opera Company, Soulpepper Theatre, Toronto District School Board, Limestone District School Board and many more.

The Real Sun’s work has recently been published in two collaborative books. Rattling the Stage: A Collection of Canadian Monolgues, Spoken Word, and Short Plays and Rhymes to Re-education: A Hip Hop Curriculum Resource Guide for Educators with Social Justice Activities.


The Real Sun believes that healing is a key element in creating positive social change, and one that is not often prioritized enough in our day to day lives, in the community or in our educational system.  One of her passions is infusing healing techniques into her artistic and educational work, with the understanding that the movements we build for the future cannot be healthy if the people who are building the movements are not healthy.  The Real Sun is a certified Reiki Practitioner trained under Vivian Osal, and is currently studying at the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto in the disciplines of Psychotherapy, Bio-Energetics, and Energy Healing.


As a Community Builder The Real Sun is actively engaged in organizing or participates as a member in many community grassroots initiatives and movements, such as Nomanzland, West-Side Arts Hub, LIFE Movement, BeLovEd, Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty, and Connect the Dots Coalition.

The Real Sun holds a BA Honours in International Development Studies, and above all, The Real Sun is dedicated to spreading radiant energies of the heart to help bring balance and empower positive changes though Art, Healing, Education and Social Justice.